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The sunrise with strength illustrates well of the spirit of Gangneung people and their vision toward the future. The dynamic wave of blue indicates the refreshingly clean environment, as well as the strength and the will of the Gangneung people. In addition, the whole appearance of the sun and the ocean harmonizing into one, expresses the historic awareness of the Gangneung people who value the unique tradition expressed in the oriental arts.
The crape myrtle is a beautiful red flower that blossoms from summer to autumn, symbolizing the out-going nature and perpetual life of the Gangneung people. It belongs to the purple loosestrife family. It is called a deciduous drying coop tree or Hundred-Day-Red (flower which is red for a hundred days).
An evergreen that belongs to pine tree family. It grows well at anywhere in Gangneung to form a dense colony. The evergreen leaves symbolize the unchanging integrity, devotion, and unyielding spirit of the Gangneung people.
Belonging to the duck family, the swan is under the protection of government with the designation as a Natural Monument No. 201 and is found in Korea in winter time. People believe that the bird brings luck and a good harvest. The pure white color of the bird symbolizes the spirit of the city of art and culture which values education and fidelity.
Tiger belongs to cat family, and lives in the forest as the king of beasts. It appears frequently in the stories or myths of Gangneung and typifies the brave nature and independence of the Gangneung people.

Instead of having a totally new and unique character, the intention was to use the generally accepted Hong Gil-dong's image. This was so that everyone would feel comfortable with this mascot as a people's hero.

The reason a young man Hong Gil-dong was chosen rather than a boy Hong Gil-dong was in order to associate his image with Gangneung's progressive and future-oriented image. The young man Hong Gil-dong stands for the justice against the closed and corrupted society, bravery, and Korean enterprising tough spirit. The character Hong Gil-dong is shown in a wide angle to emphasize its grandeur, spirit, and toughness
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